Mendel Rosenbusch

A theatre performance for school children in classes 1-6 at the White Stork Synagogue. Our hero, Mendel Rosenbusch, is a sympathetic elderly man loved by children and a wise man who possesses a very special gift of reading people’s most secret thoughts from their eyes and who can become invisible.  Thanks to this magical talent he can do good deeds for his neighbors. The stories are full of morals served with humor especially for children. The performance is interactive, allowing children to sing along with Mendel. Mendel Rosenbusch is based... Read the Rest →


Wallstrasse 13

Wallstrasse 13 , a play by Bente Kahan, tells the story of the Jewish residents of a townhouse located at what is now Wlodkowica Street. Barbara was forced to emigrate from Poland at the age of 10 during the anti-semitic government campaign of 1968. She has returned to bury her father. While putting his flat, the same one she grew up in, in order, she finds newspaper clippings from 1968 and a poster from the Jewish Theatre where her mother performed. Barbara also discovers a photograph of the mysterious Leontine Dambitsch, a German Jew who... Read the Rest →


Voices from Theresienstadt

„Voices from Theresienstadt” is the story of five women who met in the ghetto and includes original songs and poetry written by ghetto inmates. The play premiered in Oslo, Norway at the Centraltheatret in 1995 in Norwegian. It has since been translated into English, German and Polish. A monodrama directed by Ellen Foyn Bruun, in which Bente Kahan played all five women to the accompaniment of music by two Polish musicians, Dariusz Swinoga and Miroslaw Kuzniak, was also performed on prestigious scenes in Europe, Israel and America. Songs performed in... Read the Rest →