Concert: Unfinished Lives: Theresienstadt Ghetto

We invite you to a concert in the frames of  “Days of Mutual Respect”:

Unfinished Lives: Theresienstadt Ghetto

Gideon Klein, Viktor Ullmann, Ilse Weber

A concert by Bente Kahan

Narrated by Konrad Imiela

Wednesday, 8th November, 6pm

Main Hall of the White Stork Synagogue, Włodkowica 5a, Wrocław

Gideon Klein (1919 Prerau – 1945 Auschwitz-Fürstengrube) – pianist and composer

Marcin Markowicz (violin), Monika Młynarczyk (viola), Jan Skopowski (cello) 


Viktor Ullmann (1898 Teschen – 1944 Auschwitz-Birkenau) – composer

Arranged for a quintet by Ronen Nissan

Marcin Markowicz (violin), Beata Wołczyk (violin), Monika Młynarczyk (viola), Jan Skopowski (cello), Adam Skrzypek (double bass).


Ilse Weber (1903 Witkowitz – 1944 Auschwitz-Birkenau) – writer

Wie ist die Welt so stille
Bente Kahan (composer, vocal, guitar)

Adam Skrzypek (double bass)


Tickets: 35/25zł, available at EMPiK stores and online at


The project is co-sponsored by the City of Wrocław (