Days of Mutual Respect 2017

The Bente Kahan Foundation invites you to:

Days of Mutual Respect 2017

Center for Jewish Culture and Education in the White Stork Synagogue

Wrocław, Włodkowica 5 St.

Sunday 5th November:

The White Stork Synagogue, main hall

12:00 Living fabric – an embroidery workshop with Danielle Chaimovitz-Basok from the Jewish Community in Wrocław. Jewish embroidery and motifs; creating art pieces composed by the participants. (booking: / tel. (sms) +48 692 804 540)

15:00 Rabbi David Basok. The Jewish Calendar;-its holidays and traditions.

16:00 Aleksander Gleichgewicht, Head of Wroclaw’s branch of the Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. The contemporary community in Wroclaw; its functions, goals and challenges 

17:00 Dr. Marek Mielczarek, Project Manager of all restoration work done by the Bente Kahan Foundation, including the White Stork Synagogue.  A lecture about the archeological work taking place at the former place of Die Neue Synagogue in Breslau (destroyed during Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938)

Wednesday, 8th November:

TheWhite Stork Synagogue main hall

18:00 Concert: Unfinished Lives: Theresienstadt Ghetto

Gideon Klein, Viktor Ullmann, Ilse Weber

A concert by Bente Kahan, narrated by Konrad Imiela

Performed by: Bente Kahan, Adam Skrzypek, Marcin Markowicz, Beata Wołczyk, Monika Młynarczyk, Jan Skopowski.

Viktor Ullmann’s music arranged for a quintet especially for the event by Ronen Nissan

Tickets: 35/25zł. Available at EMPiK stores and online at


Thursday, 9th November, all events free admission:

Institute of Political Science at University of Wrocław

11:00 Lecture by Igor Cesar, Ambassador of Rwanda to Germany and Cesar Murangira, a personal testimony of Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda, 1994.


The White Stork Synagogue, second balcony

16:00 Vernisage of the exhibition „Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda. 1994.”

16:30 Opening speech by Igor Cesar, Ambassador of Rwanda to Germany and Cesar Murangira, a personal testimony of Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda. 1994.


The White Stork Synagogue,  main hall

17:30 Concert of Irebero Ballet group – Traditional Rwandan dance and music.


The White Stork Synagogue, courtyard

19:00 March of Mutual Respect. Walking to Łąkowa St, the place of the memorial plaque of Die Neue Synagoge destroyed during Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938.


Wednesday, 15th November

The White Stork Synagogue,  main hall:

18:00 Meeting the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich, and the author Irena Wiszniewska, presenting the newly published book “Nie ma rzeczy niemożliwych. Rozmowy z Michaelem Schudrichem”.


Accompanying events:

Sunday 15th October:

The White Stork Synagogue, second baalcony

Day of Solidarity with Refugees. Film screenings for free:

18:00 “Nowhere in Europe” (98’), dir. Kerstin Nickig

20:00 “Show all this to the world” (55’) dir. Andrea Deaglio

12th of November 2017 – 11th March 2018

Etnographic Museum, Wrocław, Traugutta 111/113 St.

“Ku nowemu życiu. Żydzi na Dolnym Śląsku w latach 1945-1970”, an exhibition about Jews in Lower Silesia between 1945-1970.

25th of November

Nadodrze Railway Station

Unveiling a plaque  commemorating the Breslau Jews transported to their „final destinations” during WWII. Organized in cooperation with Wroclaw City Museum and Schlesische Museum, Goerlitz.


“Days of Mutual Respect 2017” is co-financed by funds from the City of Wrocław (