Days of Mutual Respect

Marsz Wzajemnego Szacunku 2011Days of Mutual Respect

On the night of the 9th of November 1938 (Crystal Night), the Nazis brutally attacked Jews living in Germany, destroying synagogues, homes, businesses and other properties. Each year since 2005, the Foundation commemorates these events during the Days of Mutual Respect with performances for schools, lectures, films and exhibitions, culminating in a March of Mutual Respect from the White Stork Synagogue to the former site of the New Synagogue.

Dni Wzajemnego Szacunku 2013

Saturday, 9 November, 2013
– 17:10 – BRUNO SCHULZ – KLISZA WERK – TRANSGRESIONES,Days of Mutual Respect opening of a photography exhibit that is part of a unique experiment by the Klisza Werk group founded by Mariusz Kubielas. The group includes, besides his closest co-worker Jakub Grzywak, a large ensemble of model-actors who have been working together since 2009 to recreate and to preserve on film various theatrical activities inspired by the works of Bruno Schulz. Curator: Lidia Głuchowska
– 18:00 – SONGS FROM THE GHETTO – a composition of personal histories and fragments of diaries and other writings compiled to show what art was and what it meant in the ghetto. Theatres, artistic cafes and concerts were part of all the ghettos. Art gave hope and a modicum of freedom, it provided an escape from reality, it reflected on life in the ghetto. Music played an exceptional role in this world, hence the emphasis on song in the title of the play. The performance reminds us that art imparts meaning to human life – even during the most horrific of times. Play by Bente Kahan, performed by Anna Błaut, Tomasz Kasiukiewicz, Igor Pietraszewski, set design by Yoav Rossano.
– 18:40 – „MEETING WITH…” RABBI KEVIN HALE – lecture in English.
– 19:00 – MARCH OF MUTUAL RESPECT – the March will begin at the courtyard of the White Stork Synagogue and will proceed to Łąkowa Street to the memorial of the Neue Synagogue that was destroyed during Kristallnacht.
Sunday, 10 November, 2013
– 17:00 – SCREENING OF THE FILM „PASSAGE” BY JAN LORENZ, followed by a discussion with the director and his subjects.

6 November (Wednesday, 18:30); 7, 8 November (Thursday, Friday; 9:00 and 11:00)
– SONGS FROM THE GHETTO: performances for junior high and high school students.

Days of Mutual Respect 2012

Days of Mutual Respect5-7 November
09:00 and 11:00 „Wallstrasse 13” – performance for high school students
7 November
19:00 – “Beyond Time” Bruno Schulz – performance by SKiBA students directed by Yolanta Wesołowska
8 November
11:00 – „Wallstrasse 13” – performance
16:00 – „Black Crystal” – opening of installation by Jerzy Kalina
17:00 – „Raoul Wallenberg” – opening of exhibit by the Ambassador of Sweden Staffan Herrström
17:20 – Awards ceremony for „Respect” film contest for teenagers
18:00 – March of Mutual Respect
9 November
17.00 – „Jewish Wroclaw from a Turin Perspective” – opening of the exhibit on Szewska Street
20:00 – Concerts at Firley club – Uho van Gogha and Orderless
„Fragments of Identity” exhibit of works teenagers from the International Youth of Wrocław art workshops. Screening of films submitted to the “Respect” film contest.

Days of Mutual Respect 2011

Performance of Mendel Rosenbusch for elementary schools
Sunday, 6 November
15:00 – „Meeting With..” Chris Schmauch, who will share his childhood memories of nazi Germany (in english)
17:00 – Bente Kahan concert: Songs From The Ghetto
Wednesday, 9 November
10:00 – „Meeting With..” Holocaust survivors Ruta Wermuth And Tolek Gotfryd (with english translation)
15:45 – Finissage of Anne Frank exhibit
16:00 – Presentation ff – an educational website for teachers and students for learning about the Holocaust
16:15 – „Meeting With..” Norwegian documentary filmmaker Karoline Frogner, winner of numerous international prizes, who will discuss her work and present her films about the Holocaust and Rwanda
17:45 – „Changes” a short film by Michał Stenzel and Malwina Tuchendler
18:00 – March Of Mutual Respect – to the former site of the New Synagogue, destroyed during Crystal Night (9.11.1938 r.)